After some time passed on the exile, Rafa returns to his village confronting everything he left on the past. Immersed on the fantastic atmospheres of the processions, Rafa and his childhood friend, Lucas, will set out a on a escape through the end of a night.

Director : Elena López Riera

Screenplay: Rafa Alberola y Elena López Riera
Production company: Vermut Films, Garidi Films
Cinematography: Giuseppe Truppi
Edit: Raphaël Lefèvre
Sound: Jorge Alarcón
Cast: Rafa Alberola, Lucas Vázquez, José Serrano & Virginia de la Cruz


Best Spanish short film & Best actor at MECAL Film Festival 

European Film Project Award Sevilla European Film Festival

Cinema Festivals 

​Cannes, Directors Fortnight, 2015 (France) 

Soleure Film Festival, 2015 (Switzerland)

Leuven, Leuven Kort, 2016 (Belgium)

Filmadrid, 2016 (Spain)

Curtocircuito 2015 (Spain) 

Alternativa Barcelona 2015 (Spain) 

Tenerife short Festival 2016 (Spain)

Hiroshima International Film Festival (Japan)

Soleure Film Festival 2015 (Switzerland)

Festival de Málaga 2016 (Spain) 

Mecal 2016 (Spain) 

Cinemajove 2016 (Spain)


Visiones contemporáneas, Domius Artium, Salamanca (Spain)

Spain, Switzerland | 2015 | Color | 27min' | HD | 5.1 | DCP | o.v. Spanish | English and French Subtitles